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Biography - Luke Falconberry

Luke's 2002 school photo My name is Luke Falconberry. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 11, 1991, to Ron and Cathy Falconberry. We lived there until December, 1995, when we moved to Tennessee.

I will be a freshman at La Vergne High School this school year (2005-2006), the home of the Wolverines. I spent the last three years at Rock Springs Middle School where I played percussion with the school band and was a member of the Tennis team. I enjoyed my time at Rock Springs but I am looking forward to moving on to the high school.

I also like getting together with some of my friends and playing video games or other activities. At other times, I like getting on the computer and playing games or finding games to download. Finally, I am active at church with the youth group.

I belong to a model airplane club known as the Smyrna Flying Aces. We meet every week and build a variety of model planes by cutting and gluing balsa wood and cellophane paper to the designs we had then we attach rubber bands to the propellers and test fly the airplanes. Two or three times a year we take our planes to competitions in Tennessee and Georgia where we try to fly our planes longer than members from other clubs.

I have been active in other activities in the past, too. Before joing the Smyrna Flying Aces, I played with the La Vergne Pee Wee League Tigers baseball team for three years then played soccer for a couple of seasons with the North Rutherford Soccer Association (2001   2003). I also joined the Cub Scouts as a Tiger Cub in kindergarten and was active for four years, advancing up to Webelos.

I have developed a couple of web sites that you might be interested in looking at:

Here are a few of my other favorite web sites.
  • The NeoPets site is pretty neat. Here is the link to check it out.
  • I also like Tokyopop.com. (Note: If a "Language Pack Installation" window pops up, just click on the Cancel button and the site will still load.)
  • Check out Neoseeker.com

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