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Jacob Falconbury 1757-1844

Jacob Falconbury, Senior, is the "Abraham" of the Falconberry-Falconbury families who lived in Kentucky in the 1800s. He moved from South Carolina to Kentucky around 1800 and it is from him that most of us have descended. One of his descendents, Lyman Foster Reynolds, has written a small booklet about Jacob that can be read in its entirety.

Dorinda and Florinda

Dorinda and Florinda were twins born in 1844. Their parents are unknown but they can be traced for over sixty years through census and other sources.

Three William Rileys

There are three men who bore the name William Riley Falconbury. This article explains who they were and how they fit in to our history.

Four Jacob Bakers

Four of our ancestors were named Jacob Baker Falconbury or Jacob B. Falconbury. Who they were and their relationship to each other is covered here.

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