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Dr Harold E. Ragle compiled the book, The Falconburys of Casey County, Kentucky, in 1968. The Casey County Public Library, located in Liberty, Kentucky, provided me with a copy which is transcribed below. It seems fitting to list the story that was the inspiration for the development of this web site. I hope you enjoy it!

The Falconburys of Casey County, Kentucky

The Falconburys, note the spelling, were among the very early settlers of the Walltown area of Casey County, Kentucky.

The original spelling, Falconbury, has been corrupted into various ways such as Fortenberry, Faulkenberry, Falkferry, and Falconberry which is widely used today. There are still a number who use the original spelling.

My interest in the family stems from the fact that one of my great-grandmothers was Sarah Ann Falconbury of Walltown.

Family tradition has it that they were of Scottish origin, but came to the Carolinas in America in the later part of the seventeenth century. I have failed to find the name in either the lists of Scottish or English surnames. It is a matter of interest that as early as the thirteenth century there was a Sept of the Keith clan in Kincardlineshire, Scotland, known as the Falconers due to their use of the Falcon in sport and hunting. The Anglo-Saxon word "Bury" means castle, town, or fortified place. The people living in and near the Falconer's stronghold were referred to as Falconburys.

When the last chief of the Keith clan died without a direct heir Lord Falconer inherited the landed estate.

Jacob Falconbury, Sr. and family came to what is now known as Walltown in 1804. He was born near Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina on Feb. 14, 1757. In John H. Wheeler's History of North Carolina under the year of 1768, a Henry Falconbury and a H. Falconbury were mentioned as being in Anson County. One would have been the father of Jacob Sr.

Jacob Sr. served one and a half years in the Revolution Army. After the war he moved to the Orangeburg District on the Congaree River in South Carolina where he is picked up in 1790 census. From there he came to Kentucky in 1804 and he is in the 1810 and 1820 census reports. In 1828 he moved to Decatur County, Indiana. Most of his children remained in Kentucky. In 1832 he applied for and was granted a pension for his war service. On the original pension applications, U.S. Archives, there are two very legible signatures, "Jacob Falconbury."

Jacob Sr. had at least eight children, maybe more, of which I have identified seven. The name of his wife began with with the letter "R," the rest is illegible. Children as follows:
  1. William, born 1778, North Carolina, died in Casey County Kentucky during the 1860s. Married Mary Wall, 9-9-1805. She was the daughter of Francis Wall Sr.
  2. Keziah, married Langhorn Edwards, 5-26-1814.
  3. Mary, married Robert Wall, 9-25-1817.
  4. Joseph, married Sarah Whealdon, 1-2-1821.
  5. Benjamin, married Polly Whealdon, 2-22-1822.
  6. Nancy, married Jacob Wall, 10-2-1821.
  7. Jacob Jr., born 11-5-1809; died 11-5-1875; married first Ann Carman, 10-12-1831, 2nd Mary Hamilton, 3-21-1839. Mary was born 8-13-1833, died 2-16-1905, and was the daughter of Martin Hamilton and Susannah Routsaw.
Children of William Falconbury and Mary Wall:
  1. Melinda, born 1819.
  2. Lucinda, born 1820, married Nathaniel Wall, 5-26-2837.
  3. Jacob Baker, born 1827.
    There were other children not identified to date.
According to the 1850 and 1860 census reports William had been living in his household twin girls Dorinda and Florinda born in 1844. They were probably granddaughters. Dorinda was killed by lightning. Florinda married Rodham Luttrell.

The inclusion of Jacob Jr. in the list of children of Jacob Sr. is sailing against the strong wind of tradition. One granddaughter of Jacob Jr. has an 1867 entry in the family Bible giving William as the father of Jacob Jr. and his mother was a Routsaw girl, part Indian. Another granddaughter, still living, has no record but has always been told that William was Jacob Jr.s. father.

Tradition could well be correct, but on the other hand the Casey County death record of Jacob Jr. states that his parents were Jacob and "R" Falconbury, born in North Carolina.

William had a son Jacob Baker and it would be unusual to name two sons Jacob. Both Jacob Sr. and William had sons in the age group of Jacob Jr.

It is not unusual for tradition as well as official records to be in error.

Children of Mary Falconbury and Robert Wall:
  1. Madison, born 1823.
  2. Jane, born 1821.
  3. Mary A., born 1824.
  4. Centha, born 1837.
  5. Robertson, born 1839.
    There may have been other children. Mary died prior to 1850.
Children of Nancy Falconbury and Jacob Wall:
  1. William, born 1824.
  2. Francis II, born 1828, married Parthenia Carman.
  3. Emily Jane (tombstone has Emily W.) born 8-14-1829, died 10-21-1914, married John Randolph Hamilton, born 11-9-1817, died 5-3-1890.
  4. Robert (Robin) born 1833, married Lovey Jane Henson.
  5. Sarah E., born 1-16-1835, married John Carman II.
  6. Gabriel, born 1837, killed in Civil War.
  7. Nancy Ann, born 1838, married Elias Greenberry Wall.
  8. Mary Jane, born 1844, married John Falconbury.
  9. Maria Ann, born 1846.
  10. Jacob Baker, born 1851, married Ann Singleton.
Children of Jacob Falconbury Jr. and Ann Carman:
  1. Sarah Ann, born 1832, died 1869, married Benjamin Barton Bastin (my great-grandparents).
  2. William Riley, born 1834, married Sarah Barnett.
Children of Jacob Falconbury Jr. and Mary Hamilton:
  1. Susannah, born 6-9-1840, Leo Richardson.
  2. John R., born 6-24-1842, married a Wall girl.
  3. Mary Ann, born 4-20-1844.
  4. Henry Baker, born 11-21-1848, married Barbara Ann Wall.
  5. Martin, born 8-2-1847.
  6. George Alfred, born 4-30-1851, married Sarah Jane Green.
  7. Garfield, born 10-4-1853.
  8. Joseph, born 1854.
  9. Albert Galilon Tolbert (AGT), born 10-20-1855, died 5-26-1936, married 1st, Leanna Campbell, 2nd Polly Jane Bastin, 3rd Adeline Bastin Floyd.
  10. James Robert, born 10-4-1857.
  11. Frances, born 10-5-1861.
  12. Nancy Catherine, born 10-20-1859, married William Sayers.
  13. Priscilla Bell, born 8-1-1864, died 12-9-1908, married Millard Campbell.
Children of Lucinda Falconbury and Nathaniel Wall:
  1. Polly A., born 1838.
  2. Benjamin G., born 1839.
  3. Sally A., born 1841.
  4. Jacob W., born 1843.
  5. Malinda I., born 1845.
  6. Martha, born 1849.
  7. William Butler, born 1851, married Polly Emily Wall, 12-23-1876.
Children of Sarah Ann Falconbury and Benjamin Barton Bastin:
  1. Mary, born 7-13-1849, died 1-27-1933, married Dr. John S. Black.
  2. John, born 12-3-1851, married Susan Hogue.
  3. Vilete, born 3-4-1853, died 7-14-1922, married Marshall Black.
  4. Millard F., born 6-20-1857, died 4-9-1936, married Bettie Ann Wilson.
  5. James, born 5-20-1858, died 5-14-1921, married Paulina Hatter.
  6. Dulcena, born 2-18-1864, died 8-1-1892, married Rueben J. Hogue.
  7. Ruth, born 1866, married James T. Durham.
Children of William Riley Falconbury and Sarah Barnett.
  1. I.E. (Med) married Mariah Frances Carman.
  2. Jesse F., married Martha Hart.
  3. Riley Jr., married Parthenia Bastin.
  4. John, married Nettie Jane Bastin.
  5. Sarah, married John Martin Bastin.
  6. Jane, married William J. Elliot.
  7. Martha, married James Monroe Bastin.
  8. Jurethua, married Greem Murphy.
Children of A.G.T. Falconbury and Leanna Campbell:
  1. Mae Enuna, married John Washington Reece.
  2. Andrew.
  3. James Franklin.
In order to keep this article from being too exhaustive and from continuing "ad infinitum" many details and a number of family groups have been omitted. However, the essentials and the better known of the older families have been given.

The foregoing has been compiled from many family, state, and national records, plus consulting numerous books on genealogical history and search of cemeteries.

I am indebted to many individuals for their cooperation, for without their help this record could not have been assembled.

Any corrections, additions, or help in solving the dilemnas presented would be greatly appreciated.

Ragle, Dr.Harold E., compiler. The Falconburys of Casey County, Kentucky. The Casey County News, February, 1968.

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