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Information found in the Falconberry-Falconbury Family Web Site is free for use by family members or researchers who may make a copy for their own personal use. It is not necessary for you to contact me before copying data although a note would certainly be appreciated. I enjoy corresponding with newly discovered relatives or researchers who are studying our family lines but it would also allow me to inform you if I have to change data that you have copied. All I ask is that any information copied from this site be properly credited.

Those who wish to place a link from their web site to this one may do so but it is recommended that they only link to the Home page. This site is frequently updated with pages occassionally being renamed or removed. Linking to a page other than the Home page could possibly result in a "Page not found" error.

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Duplication of the web pages, page design, personal transcriptions, photographs or images found in the Falconberry-Falconberry Family Web Site for commercial purposes without permission from the original submitter is prohibited.

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