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Dorinda and Florinda Falconbury

The Twin's Parents | The Twin's History

The Twin's Parents

Twin girls, Dorinda and Florinda Falconbury, were born in September, 1844. They first show up in the household of William Falconbury (eldest son of Jacob Falconbury, Senior) in the Federal Census of 1850 where they are listed as five years old. The big question is: who were their parents? William and his wife, Mary, would have been 66 and 60 years old respectively in 1844 so they would not have been the girls' parents but were probably their grandparents. William and Mary had six children, one of whom was most likely a parent of the twins:

  • Jacob Falconbury, Jr., was born in 1809. He married his second wife, Mary Hamilton, in 1839 and they had thirteen children between 1840 and 1864. Their third child, Mary Ann Falconbury, was born on April 20, 1844, so Jacob and Mary can be ruled out as the twin's parents.

  • Nancy, born in 1810, would have been 34 in 1844. I have not found any information at all about her. She could have married sometime in the 1830s and had her own household or she may have died prior to the 1840s. If she had been married and was the mother of the twins, they would have had a surname other than Falconbury, so Nancy can probably be ruled out as a parent.

  • William R., was born about 1815 and would have been 29 in 1844. In the 1840 census, William R. was living in his father's home (one male between 20-30). Unfortunately, I have no other information on William.

  • Malinda, born in 1819, was the fourth child. She, too, has not appeared in any lists of marriages or deaths; however, she was living in her father's home during the 1840 census (one female between 20-30) and she is also named as living there in the 1850 census at 31 years of age.

  • Lucinda, was born in 1820. She married Nathaniel Wall on May 26, 1837, and had seven children between 1838 and 1851. Of course, they all carried the Wall surname, so Lucinda would not have been the girls' mother.

  • Jacob Baker, the youngest child, was born sometime between 1825-1827. He was listed in both the census of 1840 (one male between 10-15) and 1850 (age 25) as living in the house of his parents, William and Polly. He would have been 17 in 1844 thus he would have been old enough to be the twin's father.

Initially I felt that William R. may have been the father of the twins but, now, tend to think that they belong to either Jacob Baker or possibly Malinda (if she had the children out of wedlock). Both scenarios are realistic; however. lacking any substantial evidence I am unwilling to link the children directly to either Jacob or Malinda. If you are aware of any documentation that might solve the mystery of Dorinda's and Florinda's birth, I would appreciate hearing from you.

The Twin's History

As uncertain as their origins are, the twins can be tracked for the next 60 years by examining the census records from 1850 through 1920 which are listed below.

  • 1850: Dorinda and Florinda, aged 5, are living with William Fortenberry (70), Polly (66), Malinda (31) and Baker (25). (To note a discrepancy, my records indicate that William married Mary Wall on September 9, 1805; however, in 1850 and 1860 William's wife is listed as Polly and Polley respectively. I do not know if Mary and Polly are the same person or not. I am still researching this.)

  • 1860: Florinda and Dorinda, aged 16, are living with William "Fortanberry", age 80, and Polley, age 72. Next door to the twins was their uncle Jacob "Fortanberry" (Falconbury, Junior) and two doors down the other direction was Jacob's son, William Riley Senior.

  • 1870: Florinda married Rodham Luttrell on December 24, 1861, and the couple are found on the 1870 census in Casey County between Jacob and Nancy (Falconbury) Wall and Jacob Falconbury, Jr. and his wife Mary. Jacob and Mary would have been Florinda's uncle and aunt, and Nancy Wall would have been her great-aunt (younger sister of her grandfather, William). Rodham was 31, Florinda was 26 and their children were Mary A. (5), George M. (3) and John W. (1). The Luttrell's also had a housegirl living with them, Mary Falconbury, age 26. Mary is probably the daughter of Florinda's uncle next door, Jacob, because Mary was also born in 1844 and is the only local Falconbury woman who was the same age as Florinda and Dorinda.

  • 1880: In this census, the Luttrell household includes Rodham (41), Florinda (36), Mary A. (15), George M. (13), John W. (11), Meloday [listed as male, the spelling is hard to read] (9), Nancy E. (6), Hannah P. (4) and Henry C. (2). Dorinda, age 36, is also listed as living in the household.

  • 1890: A fire at the Commerce Department in Washington D.C. on January 10, 1921, destroyed virtually all of the 1890 census records. Of nearly 63 million people who were enumerated that year, records survived for only 6,160. Every one of Kentucky's records was lost.

  • 1900: In this census, Rodham (61), Florinda and Dorinda (56) are listed as are Rodham and Florinda's daughter Melvina A. (14) and two grandchildren, James A. (8) and Flora C. (7). This census was different from the others because it actually recorded the month and year of birth for each person. This alone has proved to be extremely helpful in narrowing the date of birth for many family members.

  • 1910: By this time, Rodham (73) and Florinda (65) are listed as living on Waynesburg Road in Casey County, four houses down from Isham and Mariah (Carman) Falconberry and three houses down from Elveter and Martha (Falconbury) Carman. They have three grandchildren living with them: Albert Luttrell (18), Cathern Luttrell (17) and Malinda Sword (11). In this census, the number of children born to mothers and the number still living was recorded. Florinda was listed as giving birth to eleven children with five still living 1910. Dorinda is not found in this census. According to Dr. Harold E. Ragle's research, Dorinda was killed by lightning. If this is the case, it would appear to have happened sometime between 1900 and 1910.

  • 1920: Rodham Luttrell is listed as the only one living in his home on Duncan Road at the age of 82. Apparently, Florinda must have died sometime between 1910 and 1920. Living next door is George Gastineau (35) and Melvina (34), who is probably Rodham and Florinda's daughter (listed in the 1900 record above).

If anyone reading this has additional information or documentation about the twins or has information about their parents, I would love to hear from you.

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