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Four Jacob Bakers

There are four family members with the name "Jacob Baker" or "Jacob B." It has sometimes been a challenge to determine which Jacob Baker is being referred to in the annals of our family history. Although all four were born within a 34 year span during the early 1800s (one in Kentucky and the others in Indiana) they were closely related. The first three are first cousins because their respective fathers were all sons of Jacob Falconbury, Senior. The fourth man was a nephew of the second man in this list.

The following brief biographies may help to explain who each of these individuals were.

  • Jacob Baker Falconbury was born in 1825 in Kentucky. He was the last of six children born to William Fortenberry/Falconbury. His birth date, according to Dr. Harold Ragle's article The Falconburys of Casey County, Kentucky, was 1827 but based on census records, it appears to be 1825. He was listed in the census of 1840 (one male between 10-15) in the home of William Fortenberry in Lincoln County and was listed as living with William and Polly Fortenberry in Casey County in the 1850 census at the age of 25 with an occupation as a farmer. Also living in the house is his older sister Malinda (31) and a set of twin girls, Dorinda and Florinda (5). It is quite possible that the twins were his children although there is no hard evidence to either support or reject this thought. I have no other information for this individual past this point.

  • Jacob Baker Falconbury, born in 1829 in Indiana to Henry Baker Falconbury, was the first of two known children born to Henry Baker. Jacob appears in the 1860 census with the occupation of merchant. It is also possible that he was the first postmaster in Tyner, Indiana. He married Mary Jane Snyder on June 5, 1851, in Marshall County, Indiana and they had two children: James William Falconbury (1852) and Florence Bell Falconbury (1856). Jacob Baker died on September 8, 1860 in Tyner City, Indiana at the age of 31.

  • Jacob Baker Falconbury (Photos) was born in Decatur, Indiana, on July 1, 1844, to Joseph Falconbury and his second wife Margaret Holmes. Jacob was listed in the 1850 census at the age of nine in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana, in the houshold of Terry and Hannah Owens, not far from the home of Joseph and Margaret.

    He married Ruth Sharp on January 25, 1867, in Decatur County, Indiana. Around 1878, he moved his family to Kansas where he is last found on the 1910 census of Hamilton Township, Ellis County, Kansas. His age in the census is listed as 66 and Ruth's as 64. A boarder, Mary Purdy aged 14, is also listed as living in their home. Jacob B. and Ruth had a total of seven children: Rupert O. Leonard (1867-1939 who later owned Falconberry Ranch in Idaho), Elfie Adellie (1869-1872), Wilbert Perry (1871-1923), Mary Lucinda (1874-1958), Susie (1876-1879), Geraldene (1880-1970) and Inez (1883-1977). Jacob B. died on September 7, 1912 and was survived by Ruth who died February 21, 1921.

  • Jacob B Falconbury was born in 1859 in Marshall County, Indiana. He was the third of eight possible children born to James W. Falconbury, who was the younger brother of the Jacob Baker Falconbury (#2) above. Thus, he was a nephew of the second Jacob Baker and a first cousin, once removed, from the other two. He married Mary L. Johnson in Marshall County on August 7, 1879. I have no other information about where Jacob and Mary may have lived, where they died or if they had any children.

I hope this brief summary helps establish the relationship of these four men. As far as the name "Baker" is concerned, nobody seems to know where the name came from. It was given to one of Jacob Falconbury Senior's sons (Henry), three of his grandsons and at least one great-grandson. Perhaps Jacob Falconbury Senior's middle name was Baker or possibly one his wife's family members or another ancestor bore that name. In any event, it was a fairly popular name during the early 19th century for our family's male population.

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