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  Falconberry Ranch, 1955 & 1979 These images show Falconbury Ranch, located in Custer County, as it looked in the summer of 1955 and in 1979.
 Falconberry Ranch, 2003 Two dozen pictures of Falconberry Ranch taken in 1991 and 2003. They show more buildings and improvements than those from 1955 but the ranch is no longer active.
 Falconberry Ranch Fire These pictures were taken during and after the fire that destroyed Falconberry Ranch in August, 2003.


 Jacob Falconbury's Land Jacob Falconbury, Senior, moved do Decatur County, Indiana around 1828 with his wife Charity and received a land grant of 80 acres. This picture shows part of that land on Highway 1050 West between 1300 South and 1400 South.
(Photo courtesy of Myron E. Williams)


  Falconbery Land - 1900 Jacob Baker Falconbury moved from Indiana to Ellis, Kansas around 1878 and lived there until his death in 1912. His land is at the top of this 1900 land map in Section 2 (labeled as "Jacob Falconbery"). Later, the land was owned by Albert Martin, the husband of Jacob's daughter Inez. Bordering that property is Bert Wickham's (who was married to Jacob's daughter Geraldene). The land belonging to Jacob's son, Wilbert Perry, is at the left edge of the map in Section 10 (labeled "W.P. Falconberry"). Just to the right of Wilbert's property is the land of H.W. Hinkle (who married Jacob's daughter Mary Lucinda). The Cedarvale School is located in Section 14 at the center of the big "X".

Further down, south of the Saline River, in Sections 22, 26 and 27, the land of Herbert Vine is seen. His son, Wesley, was married to Jacob's granddaughter, Orpha Hinkle.
(Photo courtesy of Denis Vine)

  Falconbery Land - 1922 This map shows the land owners near Ellis, Kansas in 1922. The land once owned by Jacob Baker and Bert Wickham in Section 2 is now owned by Jacob's son-in-law Albert Martin (husband of Inez) who also owns the left half of land in Section 3. The rest of Section 3 and the adjoining area to the south in Section 10 is owned by Wilbert Falconbery, who died the next year in 1923. Bert Wickham (married to Jacob's daughter Geraldene) appears to have sold his land from the 1900 map to his Albert Martin and purchased the left half of Section 10 next to Wilberts. The Cedarvale School had moved from its 1900 location in Section 14 to a spot in Section 13.

Herbert John Vine, who owned half of Sections 26 and 27 in 1900 had greatly expanded his holdings by 1922, owning most of 26, all of 27, half of 22 and 23 and the northwest corner of 35.
(Photo courtesy of Denis Vine)


 Homeplace Pic 1 Pic 2 This house was the residence of my grandfather, William Everett Falconberry, in the 1940s. It is located in Lincoln County on Red Oak Lane about one mile from the intersection of State Route 1247 in the Higland area. (Photo courtesy of Ron Falconberry)
 Mt. Moriah Church The William Everett Falconberry family worshipped at Mt. Moriah Christian Church in the 1940s. The building is located in Lincoln County on State Route 1247 just north of the Highland community. (Photo courtesy of Ron Falconberry)
 Pond School Road Bridge William Everett Falconberry helped to build this bridge over Fishing Creek in 1938. It is located on Pond School Road where it intersects South Fishing Creek Road near Waynesburg in Lincoln County. (Photo courtesy of Ron Falconberry)
 Swinging Bridge The swinging bridge in this picture is one of two which used to span Fishing Creek in Casey County. It is near the land that once belonged to Jacob Falconbury, Senior and his son William Falconbury during much of the 1800s. (Photo courtesy of Ron Falconberry)

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