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Falconberry Ranch Pictures - 1955 & 1979

1955 | 1979

1955 Pictures

These photographs of Falconberry Ranch were provided by Mr. Richard Kendrick who worked for the United States Forest Service during the summers of 1954 through 1956.  In 1955 and 1956, he was stationed as a fire guard at the Falconberry Guard Station which is located three-fourths of a mile south of the ranch. Mr. Kendick's sister-on-law took these pictures when she traveled there in 1955 or 1956. Most of the narratives by each of the pictures are compiled from Mr. Kendrick's observations and recollections of the time he spent in that area although I have included a couple of additional comments.  More recent pictures of the ranch taken in 2003 and photos taken after the 2003 fire may also be viewed.

We are fortunate that Mr. Kendrick was willing to give us a glimpse at how Falconberry Ranch looked as a working ranch some 50 years ago.

Aerial photograph of Falconberry Ranch around 1955. This aerial view, taken facing westward, shows the ranch building in the middle of the picture and the airstrip just beyond it at the base of the hill. Loon Creek flows from the left to the right in the middle of the picture. from the left to the right.
Another aerial view of the ranch showing the horse pastures and airstrip. The ranch buildings can be seen at the far left side of the picture. The greenery is more prevalent in these pictures compared to those taken in 2003.  Before the government purchased the land in the 1960s, the pastures were flood-irrigated and were used for grazing or cut for hay.  There are also pastures out of view on either side of the picture.
A view of the ranch taken from a hill across the creek from the ranch. This image was captured from a hill on the opposite side of Loon Creek from the ranch.  The larger building appears to be the main lodge that was still standing in the 2003 pictures but none of the guest cabins from the the later pictures appear to have been built at that time.

These images, facing northward, show the view of the ranch as it is approached from the Guard Station. These images, facing northward, show the approach to the ranch from the Guard Station.  Note the windsock on the small cabin behind the main cabin.
This is a different angle of the same view. This is a different angle of the same approach to the ranch.  The fences surrounding the ranch had been removed by the time of the 2003 photographs.
Here is a more distant view of the same scene.  Loon Creek curves around to the right. Here is a more distant view of the same scene. Loon Creek curves around to the right.

This is... This is the herd of horses at Falconberry Ranch grazing in one of the pastures.
Root cellar This view of one of the corrals shows the number one horse of the herd in 1955.  The wooden fence appears to be fairly new as well as the equipment in the foreground.  The sulky rake just beyond the horse appears to be the same one seen in the 2003 picture.

1979 Pictures

24 years after the pictures above were taken, Ray Vadnais lived at Falconberry Ranch where he was responsible for tending to the horses, harvesting the hay and performing other odd jobs. At that time, the ranch was still owned by Dr. Hatch of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Mr. Vadnais took these pictures from the slopes rising above the western border of the ranch property. I appreciate his donation of these pictures by way of Mr. George Cole.

Main cluster of cabins at Falconberry Ranch in 1979. Looking toward the east, this is the same cluster of buildings seen in the 2003 photo. In 1979, however, the cabins were habitable complete with what appears to be tin roofs. The roofs had been removed by 2003.
This cabin is situated to the south of the cluster of cabins shown above. This building is situated just to the south (to the right) of the main cluster of cabins in the preceding picture.
Main structure on the ranch property. This appears to be the main structure on the ranch property and also appears to be just to the south of the previous picture above.
Ranch corral and outbuildings. This part of the corral and various outbuildings appear to be at the southern end of the ranch property.

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