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Falconberry Peak Map

Falconberry Peak is identified in the upper right corner of the topographical map within Lemhi Couny, Idaho. Paging down, Falconberry Ranch and Falconberry airstrip are found almost exactly due south of the peak. By my calculations, the peak and the ranch are between one and two miles apart. The ranch and the airstrip are both on the west side of Loon Creek just inside Custer County and the Falconberry Guard Station is slightly further to the south. This image is taken from the larger map of the 1962 United States Department of Interior Geological Survey. The entire map may be viewed at the Topowest.com web site.

The scale for this map is 1:24,000. The small, thin contour lines represent altitude increments of 40 feet and the darker solid lines, some of which contain numbers, represent increments of 2000 feet.

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