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Family Member Sites

 Falconbury Warrior Concepts New! Ralph Eugene Falconbury [genealogy] received martial arts training during his eight years in the Marines and received additional training and gained experience in various forms of martial arts all around the world. Ralph opened Falconbury Warrior Concepts in 2006 which offers training and instruction in mixed martial arts in the Lawrence and Crawford county, Illinois area.
 "Reverend" Marc Falconberry Marc Falconberry [genealogy] is a professional blues singer and guitarist who lives and performs around the Detroit, Michigan area. His site has sample sound tracks, upcoming show dates, pictures, CD sales, an autobiography and other items of interest.
 Tribute to 448th Bomb Group This web site honors the men who flew with the 448th Bomb Group in the European Theater during World War II. Harold Q. Kennedy, son of Homer Kennedy [genealogy] and Rebecca Marie Falconbury [genealogy], served in the 448th and is the one who created and maintains the site.

Related Families

 Bastin Family This site appears to be offline. Gary Bastin maintains an excellent site on the Bastin and related family surnames. There are many connections between our two families.
 Carman Family This site appears to be offline. This site, maintained by George Carman, is another great genealogical site dealing with the Carman family. There are also quite a few connections between the Carman and Falconberry families.
 Falconburg Family Jan Falconburg runs this site which contains information about the Falconburg and Faulkenberry families (descended from James W. Falconbury - a grandson of Jacob Falconbury, Sr.) along with links to other related family trees.
 Faulkinbury Family This site is maintained by Lottie Lorene Stout and traces the Faulkinbury family from Anson County, North Carolina. She is a descendent of Pitman Warner Faulkinbury who was born in Anson County in 1810. Our ancestor Jacob Falconbury, Senior, was also born in Anson County in 1757.
 Gallup Family Lynn Gallup presents the ancestry, history and photographs of the Gallup family. Florence Bunn Gallup married Cecil Curtis Falconbury in 1947.
 Luttrell Family This site appears to be offline. Allen D. Warren works with this site tracing the genealogy of the Luttrell family of Casey County, Kentucky. Florinda Falconbury, who married Rodham Luttrell in 1861 is listed on the site. My grandmother, Daisy Meryl Luttrell, is probably connected to this family too but I have not discovered that link yet.
 Phelps Family Lois M. Phelps Good runs this site which traces the Phelps family along with the Alward, Coons, Duncan, Faulkinbury and Good families. The descendents of Pitman Warner Faulkinbury are included on this site.
 Wicox-Waughtel (Sinex) Family This site appears to be offline. Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen maintains this site. There is a possible relationship between the Sinex family and Henry Jacobs Falkenberg/Falkinburg of Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Henry is possibly one of our ancestors.

Genealogy Research

 Ancestry.com This free site is a surname registry which contains links to web sites that have research material on specific surnames. This allows researchers to quickly access related sites while researching family surnames.
 Cyndi's List Cyndi Howell maintains a free site which provides links to over 240,000 sites that have some association with genealogical data or research.
 Distant Cousin This free site has over six million genealogy records (obituatries, city directories, census records, ship lists, yearbooks, etc.) from over 1,500 sources online.
 Family Search The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints maintains this no-cost site which accesses the world's largest family history library. This is an excellent site for researching your family's history.
 Genealogy.com This is another subscription site which contains census records, a collection of American, Canadian and European passenger lists and a World Family Tree with over 180 million names representing over 269,000 family trees.
 Land Patent Search The U.S. Bureau of Land Management provides free access to images of over two million Federal land grant title records issued between 1820-1908 and are currently adding images of Serial patents (land patents issued between 1908 and the mid-1960s).
 Roots Search Roots Search has links to a wide variety of other sites that are grouped by categories such as ethnic, immigration, medical, military, surname and many others.
 Roots Web This site is labeled as "the oldest and largest free genealogy site" on the Internet. Hosted by Ancestry.com, it contains tutorials and guides to genealogical research, tools and resources, message boards, mailing lists, databases, links to family web sites and a great deal more. Next to Ancestry.com, this is one of my favorite sites.
 US Gen Web The USGenWeb Project is a group of volunteers who work together to provide genealogical web sites for every county and state in the United States. The project is non-commercial and provides free access to everyone.

Web Resources

 Dynamic Drive.com This site offers free, original DHTML scripts which can be used to enhance a web site.
 Milonic.com This site also offers DHTML menus and JavaScript menus. The script which operates the floating navigation bar on the left side of this page came from this site.
 Simply the Best "Simply the Best" offers just about everything you would need to create or maintain a web site: freeware, shareware, scripts, fonts, sounds, web builders, web hosting and other resources.
 Startlogic This web hosting company currently hosts the Falconberry-Falconbury Family Web Site. It has various hosting plans depending on your hosting needs.

Web Rings

 Web Rings The Falconberry-Falconbury Web Ring page contains links to all of the web rings that it is associated with.

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